Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st attempt

My dear readers (aka my mother),
I know you have been in suspense wanting to know if the hubby and I made it out for our walk. The good news is we did! The bad news, our half mile walk consisted of a toddler fall right out of the gate and ended with a pulled leg muscle. Our little guy took a tumble a block away from home, so we almost had to turn around. The little trooper decided he wanted to push on (he gets his tenacity from me, the shaky balance most definitely must come from his father). Our little walk went well from there. I must say, my shoes were cute even at night! We came back, and it went downhill from there. Due to the fact that I now have the body of a seventy year old woman (no bursa in my joints, bad hip, and menopause), I pulled a calf muscle of some sort. I also woke up at three this morning super sick. I wish we had actually ran last night, because then I could blame "runners' trots," but I am pretty sure it's just my faulty stomach as usual.  If only my body would keep up with my mind I would be set.
May tomorrow be a better day.


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