Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Yard Sale and Thomas

I know I am starting to feel better when my weekend is jam packed and I didn't feel like I was going to die until Sunday night.
My husband and I had the bright idea to have a yard sale on Saturday. Nothing is more exciting than waking up super early to try and unload your junk on unsuspecting neighbors. The sale started off slow. This could have been because my husband didn't appreciate my proposal to put "free beer and donuts" on all of our signs. It really would have boosted the traffic. We were also competing with a yard sale up the street. I will never understand what people found so appealing about that woman's old mumus. Once I deployed my best marketing tactics the sale really took off. Now I bet you are wondering about my tactics, aren't you? Well, since I don't plan on having another yard sale any time soon, I feel I can divulge my selling secrets. First, put your big ticket items in the front. These will act as eye candy to bring the customers in. For us, these big ticket items included an old patio set, a bistro set of table and chairs, and a small grill. (I have what some would call a furniture addiction, so we had a lot of "extra" sets of tables and chairs.) Second, pretend to be a customer yourself. Draws in the customers through the art of suggestion. "Must be something good there, look at that incredibly beautiful woman walking through that yard." (I like to think of myself as a real beauty in yard shoppers thoughts. Who doesn't, really?) Finally, paint mental pictures for the yard shoppers. Mental pictures? Yes, mental pictures. "Oh this would be perfect in a small kitchen nook. See, it even folds up so you can put it away if you need the space for a party or something. These colors would go with almost any color paint." Mental pictures, or total B.S. so you don't have to lug the stuff back home, either way it gets the job done. We ended up making a grand total of fifty-seven dollars. So, we are rich now. Everything that we didn't sell, we donated to the Disabled Veterans because we are good people. Really, we are.
We actually used our yard sale profit so our little guy could buy a ton of Thomas the Tank Engine swag on Sunday. We took the whole possee to 'A Day Out With Thomas.' Which really meant that we all rode a slow train for a half an hour in intense heat. What fun! While everyone else was sweating like crazy, our mini man thought it was the greatest day of his life. (It really would have been a neat experience if I didn't feel like my skin had been kissed by the flames of hell.) Our toddler's mind was completely blown that Thomas was an actual train, and that there were so many Thomas themed toys about. My best friend's girls, however, not as excited. On the upside, it was most everyone's first train ride. The conductor even came through and punched everyone's tickets. I was more than a little disappointed that he didn't punch out a lesson filled word in it like in the 'Polar Express.' So, we took away no life altering lesson from our ride, except to always lather on the sunscreen if you are going to ride the rails.
Sunday evening reminded me that I am still not 100%. It is hard to remember that even though I am feeling better, this old body of mine won't start to feel back to normal for an entire year. (Plus, those 5-7 years of pesky hot flashes I have been guaranteed.) I still had a great weekend with family and friends. Before, I would have totally missed out, and I would have missed seeing my son's face light up to see one of his cartoon favorites. My life keeps letting me know I made the right decision to have the hysterectomy. Uterus-less (say that five times fast) life is most definitely positive!


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