Thursday, September 13, 2012

Antihistamine Withdrawal

Waiting for my allergist appointment has become a real B. I have been sworn off of antihistamines for seven days prior to my appointment. Needless to say, I may die. Who had the genius idea to have three dogs in a townhome? I'm going to easily blame my husband for that one. He would disagree, but he drinks so his opinion doesn't really count. Ok, he doesn't drink. His opinion still doesn't matter. Now you are most likely asking yourself, "what does having three dogs in a townhome have to do with her allergies?" If you asked yourself that question, you clearly have a backyard. Good for you. For those of us who lack greenery, we have to walk our dogs thousands of times a day to keep them from using our carpet as a litter box. (I always find that analogy hilarious because dogs don't use litter boxes. I'm going to start the analogy, "use our carpet as a shaded patch of grass in an open space." Rolls off the tongue doesn't it?) So, I am forced to constantly be outside walking concentric circles around my neighborhood. It really is like some form of torture. Walk the dogs, minion! See, definitely sounds like torture. Since I can't hit the antihistamines at all, my eyes are now itching and watering like crazy. Long story short, I've been letting my toddler hold the dogs' leashes and lead us all around. Man that two year old has an excellent sense of direction!
Well at least we are all getting exercise!
In the meantime, I will be coveting my bottle of Claritin like an ice cream cone. (I'm lactose intolerant, so I  spend most of my time coveting dairy.)


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