Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm Feeling So Compressed

I missed my walk last night...may the athletic gods smite me! Instead, I took an evening shower and used my new shampoo. While I may not have stepped closer to my physical goal, that shampoo did smell nice. Don't worry this post is not without excitement! Tonight is my first night rocking my compression socks. *Pausing for appropriate shock and awe* It was quite the experience to obtain my socks. I went to Walgreens, and it took me ten minutes to discover that the compression socks ultimately reside next to the adult diapers. Trust me, the irony was not wasted on me. Long story short, I bought a pair, or what I thought was a pair. I got in the car and discovered I spent 20 bucks on one sock that did not even come close to fitting, even though it was the smallest they had. I told my dad about my sad story of finding compression socks, and he tells me, "Oh, well I have a pair you can just have." Of course. Thank God my father is where I got my chicken legs from, and the socks fit. They look like the white knee highs that were popular in the early Britney Spears days. Hard to imagine my father in them...
So here I am on a Friday night wearing my compression socks
living the dream!

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