Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Well, it's a rainy day today. Hence the title. I absolutely love when it rains. I have way less hot flashes when it's cool and raining out. Hot flashes have made my life quite uncomfortable lately. I get a little dizzy, my heart beats rapidly, I'm instantly nauseous, and then suddenly my face is on fire. Basically, it is the same feeling most people get after a large shot of brown liquor. Yes, it is like that feeling minus the happy buzz that usually follows. My hot flashes always have the audacity to show up at the worst times too. My favorite is when I get a hotflash and break out in a full on sweat right after I'm completely dressed for the day. Nothing like my make-up melting off and my clothes sticking to me to kick my day off right. The flashes are why I have to exercise at night. At least until the weather starts to cool off.
See, I bet you were all wondering why I didn't just exercise during the day. Well it's because my skin will literally melt off. I've decided the term "lady of the night" probably did not start out referring to a hooker at all. It was most likely some poor misunderstood menopausal woman who was out for a jog in the evening, because she couldn't stand the hotflashes during the day.
Think about it.


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