Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Memories

I'm pretty sure my memory left along with my uterus. I have had a hell of a time being able to remember anything. I recently saw a special on 'Nightly News,' or 'Sunday Morning' (see, I can't remember) that a woman's memory, pain tolerance, and decision making are all tied to estrogen levels. Well, I have already lost my memory. I have even been testing myself. My husband and I spend forever making a grocery list, and I try to see how much of it I can remember without looking when we are at the store. Of course, I only remember a couple things from the list. Though I always manage to remember that we need chocolate and chips? Weird. My husband doesn't know I try to test myself. I try to just say, "oh we don't need that right now," when I get back missing things. Well he didn't know I test myself, until yesterday.We were having my parents over for dinner, and I wanted to make some treats for my very pregnant friend. (I included "very" here, because that poor woman still has a couple months to go, but looks like she's going to pop any day. Pregnancy is no joke.) I went to the grocery store in the morning, and then that poor man had to go back later to get everything I forgot. Now that's love. (It's nice to know your partner is going to hang around once you go senile.) It's actually extremely frustrating having memory problems. It's one thing when you are older and start losing your memory, because you are probably not in charge of the well-being of a child every day. I, am. That poor kid of mine has to remind me twenty times that he wanted some water. I just started leaving multiple cups of water around the house for him. Which, incidentally serves a dual purpose. The kid never goes thirsty, and if the movie Signs was right, aliens will know to steer clear of this house. (If you missed this reference, good for you, Signs is an hour and half that I may never get back.) Now, don't go worrying that I forget to feed or change my little guy. I am still a mom, and I think most of that stuff is just reflexive. It's mostly the in-between things that I forget. My doc says my memory should come back a little, and I am just adjusting to the changing hormone levels, but I think I will have to stick to trying to remember my groceries. Plus, it's just such a fun game to play with my husband. Got to keep the marriage alive! Possible Epi-Pen injections and grocery roulette...that's how we keep it 'spiced' up over here. Try to hold back your jealousy.

I will try to remember to write again soon...
(Did you see what I did there, because I was talking about losing my memory? The hilariousness, will it ever cease?) Ok, you may go now. Enjoy your memories today!


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