Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My journey to a marathon

I've decided to run a marathon. Yes, this sounds hilarious to me too. I am just itching to try something athletic since my husband bought me a new pair of running shoes! He bought them for me because I thought they were cute, not because I had any athletic aspirations. However, ever since the shoes came into my possession I feel the need to actually use them for running, rather than just to look cute with my yoga pants (which incidentally I bought because they were cute). I have roped my husband into this marathon craziness with me. I roped him in because he could stand to lose a couple lbs, and I also thought it wise to have someone with me in case I pass out two blocks in. Tonight we are supposed to start with walking. Then, we will slowly build up to full on running. Will we make it out the door, or will we just end up watching a movie in the basement? Stay tuned...



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