Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Little Time

It is so amazing how precious my time has become to me. My time must be dealt out like cards each and every day. It is so easy to follow the schedule of time. It is more difficult, however, to be present in the moments of our day. This is my quest. I want to discover what it is to truly be present in my life. I have missed so much of it due to illness and fear. Endometriosis has taken so much of my time from me. I have been sick for a long time. Missing days. So many doctor's appointments that I finally lost count. After my doctors finally gave me the courage to say enough is enough, I decided to get a hysterectomy. I know this may seem taboo to be so public about, but I believe that women should be allowed to be more open about it. I don't believe it is something to be ashamed of. So here I am, 11 weeks out from surgery. I am slowly starting to feel better and regain my time. Sure I am having hotflashes, and all that menopause has to offer, but I am better. I am only 25, and I am ready to embrace my life. To find purpose in each day. To no longer focus on the unkindness of my body. To be healthy. I am ready to enjoy the time with my son and my husband. This blog will serve the purpose of my reflections of my new life.


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