Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Puzzling Week of Antibiotics

I know you all have been waiting to read how my run with the antibiotics went. They were horrible, of course. The antibiotics made me so dizzy in fact, that I ended up having to stop at day six of a ten day prescription. My week on the meds was a bit of a blur, so nothing too terribly interesting to report. My little guy seems happy that I am starting to feel better. I've decided he finds me more boring than I find myself. I love when I feel too sick to do projects with him, and he looks at me with the same disgusted look he gives brussel sprouts. (My kid loves most vegetables, but he is most definitely not a fan of brussel sprouts). It's a sad day when your kid equates you to brussel sprouts. Highlights of the past week that you all have missed: I attempted a 1000 piece puzzle. My husband attempted to help me. My son threw pieces off the table. We completed the entire perimeter! (I know this is sort of lack luster, since the outside of the puzzle is the easiest part, but I am going to take accomplishments where I can get them). This was not just any puzzle, this was a Thomas Kincade puzzle. Attempting any 1000 piece puzzle is a feat, but I think attempting to match brushstrokes in a 1000 piece puzzle is torture. Needless to say, the puzzle is now back in it's box where it belongs. Other highlights: I have been baking up a storm. Anyone that is facebook friends with me knows that I have taken to cooking as I'm healing from my surgery. Baking has become so relaxing, and my favorite thing to do. I am even looking into the Baking and Pastry school through the Culinary Art Institute. Why not? I decided I am only going to live once, so why not pursue an interest I am passionate about. I shall have more to report in the coming week, since it is my birthday week! I'm sure 26 is an abnormal year to be excited about, but after the crazy year I have had, I feel like I have so much to celebrate.


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