Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Well, last week was my birthday week, and as promised I have way more excitement to report! The week started off with a new job. I am now the tutor of a high school sophomore. Tutoring definitely makes me feel like I can finally put all of my college credits to good use. Sure I have been utilizing some of my teacher training raising my son, but it always nice to try these things out on other people's kids and see if it really works. Tutoring has also proved to be very trying. The student I tutor is great, but I must say I have been more than a little disappointed at the response of some of his teachers. It is like they have just given up. Now, I know I am a bleeding heart, but I believe that as an educator you should make an effort to always be a positive influence in student's lives. If a teacher gives up, it sends the message to the student that it's ok to give up. I don't know about everyone else, but that is not the message I think we should be sending to students. We should be facilitating student's learning in an environment that continually strives to move forward no matter how difficult the journey. (Well, that unexpectedly turned into a crazy rant...). Moving on...In addition to starting my new job, I also began pursuing Baking and Pastry school. I have done a tour of one school so far. It was a great tour, but admissions has been a little pushy. I will be shadowing a class at another school this weekend. The class is called "Specialty Cakes," so I plan to come home with a sugar buzz from cake icing. (If this doesn't happen, I think I will be greatly disappointed). My actual birthday weekend was amazing! My husband and I went to dinner with our close friends. We were home by ten. That's right, ten! We ate, my friend wouldn't let her husband ride the mechanical bull, the music became unbearably loud, kids started rolling in, and that was our cue to leave. The wonders of getting old will never cease. (I would also like to point out that my friend is almost eight months pregnant, and I'm menopausal. So really, we were living on the edge being out past nine). I had some people over for lunch the next day to help me celebrate with a honey baked ham. Because it really isn't a celebration without some honey baked ham! So, Ham Day, as I lovingly named it, began with me making champagne jello, chocolates, and banana bread. (My house smelled amazing!) It was a great day with lots of food, and just visiting with family. I especially enjoyed spending time with my grandmother. She gave me some of the most amazing socks I've ever owned for my birthday. I'm going to go on a small rant about these socks. They are made by a company called SmartWool that is based in Boulder, CO. They are made of Merino wool and nylon. Now, generally I am allergic to wool, but these socks are so soft that they do not itch at all. These socks are so comfortable, and keep my feet from sweating. (Which, with all of the hot flashes, happens a lot). So, if you are thinking of a gift for a loved one...SmartWool socks are a definite way to go. Ok, that will be the last time of speak of my socks in this post. (I'm only saying this post, because I find them so amazing, that I can't promise I won't talk about them later). Back to my grandma. I sent her home with the magazine that recently printed one of my poems, and she called me the second she got home to tell me she read it and loved it. I don't know what it is for me, but there is something special about my grandma telling me I'm doing great, that makes it all the more believeable. My grandparents have always been special to me, and since my grandfather passed away, I feel like my grandma's opinion is all the more important. Like she speaks for the both of them now. Wow, this post took a quick turn for the sentimental, but I guess that's what happens with old age. Who knew old age began at 26?
One other highlight I would like to discuss about my birthday weekend was that I got to spend some time with some old friends. We all took our kids to the zoo the Sunday after my birthday. It was so great to see them as moms now. They are still the same fun girls that they were in high school, but somehow completely grown up at the same time.
Being with them made me realize that everything I have gone through has made me completely different, but that some parts of me will always be intact.


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