Friday, November 30, 2012

A Small Vacation

My dear readers,

Well I received my official rejection notice from the position I had interviewed for. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I was a little bummed, but my husband bought me some apple pie to soften the blow, so I am doing ok now. (What it is it about apple pie that makes everything seem better?) I am still tutoring, so I have that to keep me busy and earn a little extra money. So, the job search continues...

We are still in the process of moving all of our things into my parents house. Trying to shove an entire house into three rooms is a lot like a giant game of Tetris. We have moved over as much as we can fit, and the rest will be going into storage. Hopefully, the house hunt will start soon to keep my mind off of everything. I would love to find a house before my husband deploys, so that I can spend the year he is gone getting it ready. (Maybe if we find a house close enough to my parents, my husband will feel better about the boy and I being home part of the time. I doubt it though. He worries too much about us.)

In more exciting news, we took a small vacation to my husband's hometown in Minnesota. It was my son's first flight, but he acted like a pro. The little guy slept the majority of the flight both ways. I was jealous. I had motion sickness. I have flown a lot since I met my husband, and have never really had a problem. I decided I must get motion sickness now because I don't have my uterus to support my guts anymore. (Seems entirely logical to me.) Besides the actual flying part, the trip was great! We had a great time with my in-laws. Our little guy got to see his grandpa in action at work, and was beyond excited. My father-in-law is in charge of a school bus system. So our son got to sit in the driver's seat of some of the school buses. I have never seen him so jazzed up! He is really into cars and buses right now, so being able to be in a real bus was like winning the lottery for him. We also got to see a large ship leave the harbor on Lake Superior. This was amazing! I have never seen one of the great lakes before. Lake Superior is huge! It was like looking at the ocean. While we were near the harbor, we also crossed into Wisconsin to see where my brother-in-law goes to school. I had never been to Wisconsin either. I think my mother-in-law thought I was a nut for being so excited. I just feel like I'm leading an entirely new life now that I don't feel like I'm going to die all the time. (Why not get excited about things I have never seen or done before?) We also got to go to my other brother-in-law's restaurant. As you all know, I have a million food allergies, so navigating any menu can be tricky. My brother-in-law was so sweet and came out to say he would make me whatever I wanted. I have never felt so cool as when I told the waitress, "Yes, I will have the linguini, and the chef said he will make me a special sauce." :0) (Just so you know, he made me a special white-wine garlic sauce that was delicious!)
While we did have a great time, there was a sad note to our visit as well. My husband's 98 year old aunt had passed away two days before we left for Minnesota. Everyone knew it was coming, but I don't believe that makes it any easier. So, we attended her funeral while we were there as well. She was such a caring and generous woman, so I wanted to at least acknowledge her in my post. She lived on her own up until the past year. (I guess you don't make it to 98 without being a bit of a badass.) I will never forget when my husband and I started dating, I could hear her when she called him and she would ask him, "When are you going to finally find a nice girl to settle down with?" and he would say, "I'm actually working on it right now, so I will call you back." :0) I absolutely loved to visit with her, she always had great stories to tell. She also has sent me an angel every year for Christmas, since my husband and I have been married. This Christmas will feel very different without her.

Well since I have now depressed you all, I will leave you for now. I promise to jazz up the next post. I still have Christmas shopping to do, so I'm sure I will have some tales from the stores. We are also going to start "Elf on the Shelf" this year for our little guy. Elf+Dogs+Toddler=Holiday Fun!


At November 30, 2012 at 10:39 AM , Blogger Adrianne said...

We also have an elf that visits our home every Christmas! His name is Buddy and he has been known to follow C to my parents' house AND his cousin visits the other grandparents' house!


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