Friday, February 1, 2013

This Old Hip

At the beginning of the year, much like many others, I made some health goals for myself. I am over six months post-op, and decided now would be the time to start a new workout regimen. I was so excited to get back into exercise. I have not really been able to exercise much, even prior to the surgery, due to the amount of pain I was in. I thought I would begin with a little yoga. I had done a lot of yoga in the past, and felt that it would be the easiest way to ease back into more rigorous exercise. I decided that I would take on the 30 day yoga challenge that my gym was advocating. I planned to take some classes, as well as work on my yoga at home. I even bought a brand new yoga mat. So, I began with some easy Hatha yoga. Hatha is meant to be relaxing and stress relieving. (I am sure you can all tell from my use of past tense where this is headed.) I made it two weeks into my 30 day challenge when I began having a lot of pain in my hip. I was worried I had began exercising too soon, and that I may have injured my surgery area, so I made a doctor's appointment. My doc is a hilarious old Aussie, who absolutely hates seeing my name on the schedule. (I am one of those patients that if a drug says it will have a side effect for 1 in 1000 people, I am that one. I also end up having complex or rare things going on, so I am never an easy patient for my doctor.) I went in, told him everything that was going on, and then he examined me. He sat back down, and smiled at me. (I knew it wasn't going to be pretty.) I had injured a small joint in my hip that is deep inside by the tailbone. Of course. My doctor was excited that he knew what was going on, but sorry that there was literally nothing he could do for me. For this type of injury, the average person would need to take anti-inflammatories to get the inflammation down. I, however, am allergic to ibuprofen, so I am just shit out of luck. I am not allowed to do any yoga for the next six months, and need to take it easy with anything involving my hip. Yes, I am officially an eighty year old woman. So, it is back to walking for me.

I will keep you all posted about this riveting subject! Until then, I will be exercising vicariously through my toddler...He's pretty active, so I'm getting quite a workout!