Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To Makeup, or Not to Makeup? That is My Question

Dear Readers,

Since I have been ill, it has become apparent to me that I have not worn makeup in over a month. To be honest, it feels nice. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup. Putting on makeup every day, is a little like being an artist every morning. I attempt to delicately cover my freckles and dark circles, and then add a splash of color and sparkle to my lips and eyes. I feel confident when I wear makeup. However, since I have not worn makeup in a month, it has occurred to me that maybe I rely on makeup too much. Since when did it become so "unattractive" to have freckles and dark circles? I have put more thought into this subject in the past week, than I have in the entire past decade or so that I have worn makeup. So, I now pose this question to you, my readers...is it better to go without makeup? Sure, I have gone without makeup in the past month because I have been in and out of hospitals and at home, but would I dare to go without makeup to work? (Yes, I am aware that I do not currently have a job due to my recent illness, but just go with it.) These are the questions that I have posed to myself in the past week as I am starting to feel better. I have even looked up the history of cosmetics. Allegedly, cosmetics date back thousands of years. Apparently, there is evidence that Ancient Egyptians and Romans used types of cosmetics, such as kohl and red pigment, in order to "enhance" physical appearance. Is that what we are still using makeup for today? Are we solely using it to enhance what is already there, or are we using it to cover-up what we don't want seen? I know for me, I have very dark circles under my eyes, freckles across the bridge of my face, and sallow skin, that I like to cover-up. That is my focus with my make-up application, not enhancing my eyes or lips. I envy women that wake up looking glowing and rested, and never use any kind of product except a smear of chapstick. I have imagined what this country would look like if no one used any type of cosmetic. Think for a moment. It would be drastically different. So, what is the drive for women, and men alike, to continue to paint a face on every morning? I have no answers for you, readers. I only know that I have taken a moment to reevaluate if I am in control of my makeup, or if it is in control of me. As for now, I am still in bed, sans makeup, and I am unsure whether I will ever wear any makeup again, or if I do, whether I will wear as much. I think I want to try to feel confident without makeup for a while.

I have attached a couple pictures of myself without makeup. Not to prove anything, really, but to show myself that I am not afraid to be seen without my arsenal of cover-up.


Well, readers, I hope that this subject is thought provoking for you as well. Until next time, count your blessings and give thanks!


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