Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthdays and Beer

Dear Readers,

My October is going well. I've been to the doctor only a few times so far, so I'm going to chalk that up to a win! The doctors have pinpointed that my Vitamin D level is abysmal, AGAIN! So, now the goal is to find out what keeps causing it, since low vitamin d levels can attribute to a host of auto-immune diseases and cancers. (Awesome...) But, for now, I am on a crazy high supplement (which can cause other problems if taken for long periods of time), and hoping for the best. Since I have started the supplement, I haven't been as overwhelmingly fatigued, so I was actually able to celebrate my birthday! I'm now the ripe old age of 27. I must say, I am starting to feel old. (I told this to my husband's seventy-something grandmother, who proceeded to laugh at me hysterically, and say, "Oh, yeah, you are so old!") I've decided that 27 is on the slippery slope to 30, and I feel way too unaccomplished to be rounding my thirties already!

Accomplishment of the week: Bought a new headband! Killing it! See what I mean, not even close to ready for 30! Upside to this pic though, I posted it on Twitter, and got a retweet from one of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin! (Now would be a good time to confess that I am a shameless reality t.v. junkie...) Follow me on Twitter if you're bored @JessicaSlats (Oh, and clearly, a shameless self-promoter...)

At any rate...

I have, of course, been baking up a storm in October! 

Here are some of the treats I have made recently: 

Taco Ring: This is an easy to make weeknight meal, that I stole from my mom. She, however, has a round stone that she bakes her ring on, and it comes out prettier and crispier! What you will need: 2 Pillsbury Crescent Roll tubes, 1 pound ground beef; Taco Seasoning; Mexican Cheese. What to do: Brown the ground beef;  Lay out Crescent Rolls into a starburst formation; Spread ground beef around crescent ring; Sprinkle with cheese; Close the ends of the startburst into the center; and then Bake (Follow Baking Instructions on Crescent Roll Canister.) Enjoy!   
Homemade Chex Mix: There is something about the smell of homemade Chex Mix that is amazing! Way better than the bag stuff! Just follow the traditional recipe on any of the Chex cereal boxes. It is worth the time to make this yourself every once in a while. 
Pear Bread: This was kind of a pain, but it turned out amazing! I say it was a pain because the recipe calls for you to grate pears, which I have learned, is a tricky business. Here is the recipe I used:  Definitely give this one a try, even if it is a little more work! It has a great fall-time taste, and it is a break from the usual pumpkin or banana bread. 

Apple Pie Squares: These turned out beautifully! They are absolutely delicious, and easy enough to make on a week night, since the recipe uses pre-made puff pastry sheets.  Here is the recipe I used: One tip that I have is to bake them a hair longer than 20 mins. I ended up going 25 mins to get the golden color. (Though, I'm pretty sure the issue is with my oven. I have noticed some uneven heating.)

I also made an Apple Pie for my birthday, that pretty much fell apart. (Hence the lack of picture.) But, my friends and family braved eating it anyway. I also did a variation on a pumpkin bread recipe, by adding white chocolate chips. That one turned out well, but I forgot to take a picture. 

On top of my cooking and baking for October, my brother and I have taken it upon ourselves to spend our time searching for the perfect pumpkin ale. I am not a beer drinker by any means, and I'm pretty sure I've developed some sort of allergy to hops or something, but I soldier on. My brother is a micro-brew guy, since he is a total hipster, so I decided to join the search with him. Below is a picture of our first test beer. Not a fan. It has a very sour taste, which I attributed to the notes of "cranberry" that the bottle boasts. My brother wasn't a fan either. Feel free to leave us any recommendations! We are open to suggestions. 

Pumpkick by New Belgium: Unfortunately, I now have three of these just festering in my fridge.

Well, that's all I have for updates, my friends. Here is a pic of the little guy and I relaxing in our slippers, since the weather has finally decided to cool down!  (No, my son does not really have frog feet. Shocker, I know.) Until next time...Take stock of the blessings in your life, and give thanks!



At October 18, 2013 at 7:48 AM , Blogger Lindsay said...

Jeffie, you are so beautiful! I'm sorry about all the health uncertainties that you have been dealing with, but I am so glad that you were able to celebrate your birthday! Even though it sucks getting old, you HAVE to celebrate.
I know what you mean about feeling way too unaccomplished to be rounding 30- I am right there with you, and it sucks lol. I have this whole responsible side of me that I never even knew existed, who is also kind of lame, but I still feel like I should be a lot further in life....which makes perfect sense in my head but seeing it all typed out just maked me feel stupid.
Also, could you come teach me how to cook?? lol I know it's hard to believe, but I am not the most stellar of cooks (27 and my best dish is STILL ramen or spagettio's). BUT I do think I am going to try and make the taco ring- it sounds delicious. I'll let you know how it turns out..unless it is a complete disaster ;)
Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love you and think of you often.

At October 18, 2013 at 7:50 AM , Blogger Lindsay said...

Also, thank you for clarifying about the frog feet...I was becoming a little concerned...but mostly jealous :)

At October 18, 2013 at 8:37 AM , Blogger Jessica Slattery said...

Lindsay- I'm so glad that you don't feel ready for 30 yet either! I was starting to feel like everyone had it together, except me. Of course I will teach you to cook! I really never made anything, until I got married. Definitely try the taco ring though, it's super easy and fast!
Oh, and who wouldn't be be jealous of frog feet? Lol


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