Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Gifts: Eternal Lite Candles

My Dear Readers,

Since it is getting close to the holidays, I have been shopping like crazy for family and friends! Yes, everyone will be receiving a few of my delicious baked goods, but I like to shop locally for gifts as well. Small, local businesses tend to have unique items that are just not available anywhere else. One such product, that I absolutely love to decorate my house with, are the flameless candles from Eternal Lite Candles.

Eternal Lite Christmas Candles

 Eternal Lite is a family owned and operated company in Colorado. The company is run by the Bonadonna family. I am lucky enough to know the Bonadonna family personally, and I can tell you that they are a tight-knit, hardworking, and loving family. Every candle order is personal to them, and that’s what makes their company so special.

Every customer is made aware of how important family is to the Bonadonnas just by looking on the side of one of their candle boxes. The box tells the story of Nick Bonadonna taking the time to invent a safer and more affordable way to have a candle glowing each day. This invention became extremely important to Anastasia, the Bonadonna’s aging mother and grandmother, who had to move into an assisted living facility. The assisted living facility, like many others, did not allow for candles with open flame. So, with Eternal Lite Candles, Anastasia is able to enjoy the candle glow, without the worry. Nick created Eternal Lite Flameless Candles for his family, and now his candles are available for everyone to enjoy!

Santa Candle in A Christmas Centerpiece

Eternal Lite Candles come in a variety of images. My favorite images for the Christmas season are the Christmas tree, Santa Clause, and The Nativity. In fact, I just purchased two Santa candles and one Christmas tree candle on Small Business Saturday for my husband’s grandmothers, and one for my aunt. (Yes, this is a gift spoiler for them. Oh well!)  I have one of The Nativity candles on my dresser right now, but when I brought home the candles for our family, my husband insisted that we need a Santa Clause and Christmas tree for ourselves!

Here I am shopping on Small Business Saturday!
The Nativity Candle (I have had this candle for two years now, and I still love the calming glow.)

One of my favorite aspects of the candles is that there is a Christmas carol on the back of the Santa and Christmas tree candles, and there is a prayer on the back of all of the other candles. The Christmas image and carol lyrics will definitely help to put you in the Christmas spirit!

"Joy to the World" on the back of the Santa Clause Candle

These are definitely the kind of Christmas decoration that you will want to put up every year, and pass down to future generations.

The candles are reasonably priced at $20.00 per candle. (There are also smaller, tea light candles available for $9.99) You can order by phone or online, or you can catch the Bonadonna family at a local craft fair to purchase one in person!

Here is a link to the website: http://eternal-lite-candles.com/home (Check the Events tab for Craft Fair information!)
Follow Eternal Lite on Twitter at @Eternal_lite or Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EternalLite?fref=ts

I will keep telling you about unique, local products throughout December, so be sure to check back for gifting ideas! Plus, I will have a few more new recipes, so you can give something homemade as well!

Until next time, count all of the blessings in your life and give thanks.